how to create a multiple bit-rate mpg video

  multiple bit-rate mpg
> could you elaborate on how to create a multiple bit-rate mpg video?

Our video guys use Windows Media Encoder for this regularly. You can
encode to single- or multi-bitrate files using the WME application, or
automate it through the WME automation API. We do both. Download the
docs & SDK here (tons of info):

A multi-bitrate file is like an onion -- layers of encoded data. A
streaming server and player together can determine a connection's
bandwidth dynamically, and stream the appropriate portion of the file.
The bandwidth is monitored continually, and the server can in/decrease
the quality of the video by streaming a portion of the file that has a
higher/lower bitrate. This is called "intelligent streaming", and it
requires that you make a single .asf file that contains multiple
streams, each one being encoded at a different bitrate.

Fire up WME, start a custom encoding session, fill in the encoding
parameters, and click OK. There are pre-fab MBR profiles in the PROFILE
section of the NEW SESSION dialog, but you can make your own with the
Profile Manager.

Hope this helps

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