experiences with vector shapes in d7
vector speed d7

  speeding up vector shapes

i'm currently building kind of a 3d-engine which should/must support vector
shapes. i need to support vector shapes because...
(a) the distortion of bitmap-quads is wrong (in sense of correct perspective
distortion) when looking at them In flat angels ...
(b) they are cool

fact 1
it's faster to change the vertexlist of the member than scaling the
vector-sprite on the stage. scaling vector-sprites causes the framerate to
drop from floor 20 to the basement

fact 2
it's faster to use the ink "background-transparent" with vector shapes than
"copy" (reduces the number of pixels that have to be drawn)

fact 3
disabling antialiasing increases speed

problem 1
vector shapes are getting slower when they get big. ok, everything in
director is getting slow when it's getting big. but this behaviour is
extreme with vectorshapes. any experiences how to speed them up?

problem 2
i can't map the vertices of the member to a position on the stage because
(a) the bezier curves of the member du extend the bounding box of the member
(b) the regpoint is releative to the bounding box and not as desired
relative to the vertices
is this a bug or a feature?

problem 3
perspective distortion causes member to get REALLY big offscreen, but it
seems to be impossible to assign a new vertexlist if it contains points with
coordinates greater than (about) 2500
- no solution for me was to scale down the vertices by factor 10 and scale
up the sprite by factor 10 (see fact1)
- and i'm not deep enough into maths (i'm a designer) to clip bezier curves
by the rect of the stage.
- any ideas?

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