how to draw a line using a vectorShape member
draw line vectorshape

  vectorShape draw line
Hope this isn't too late.  Here's a vector based solution to the line
drawing question.  Simply create a vertival vector line with 2 points;
doesn't matter how tall you make it.  Set the registration point of the
member to be the bottom control point. Place it on the stage and attach
this behavior to it.   The rotation code came from Kevin Dowd, I just added
a little thouch of Pythagoras math.

property spritenum, pMyH, pMyV

on beginSprite me
  pMyH = sprite(spritenum).locH
  pMyV = sprite(spritenum).locV

on exitframe me
  tempPos = the mouseloc

  x = (- pMyH + tempPos[1])
  y = (- pMyV + tempPos[2]) * -1

  rads = atan(x,y)
  deg = radToDegs (me, rads)

  newH = tempPos[1]
  newV = tempPos[2]

  deltaH = abs(newH - pMyH)
  deltaV = abs(newV - pMyV)

  -- Pythagoras
  currDistance = sqrt((deltaH * deltaH) + (deltaV * deltaV))

  sprite(spritenum).height = currDistance
  sprite(spritenum).rotation = deg


on radToDegs me, theSum
  return theSum / pi() * 180

Let me know if you need me to send you a sample movie.

Pat Knoff

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