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  SWA looping
I am using the new D8 sound lingo to assemble some song loops for a new
program. this seems to work fine when the files are imported from original
Wave format. I tried converting the files to SWA format and importing them.
using the same playback lingo the files did play, but they did not loop
properly. there is a definite, and highly unacceptable, stutter at the end
of each time through the file before it goes back to the start. apparently
this is a problem only with the Shocked audio files. the files are seamless
loops created with Sound Forge 4 and converted to SWA with the D8 Xtra.
obviously the SAW converter alters the end of the audio file in such a way
as to make looping not an option. this is a bummer as the files would be
SUBSTANTIALLY smaller if they could be imported SWA's.

I assemble and set up the list from iterating through the sound files in a
cast and it works fine with the WAVE files. here is the playList:

put sound(8).getPlayList()
-- [[#member: (member 8 of castLib 6), #loopCount: 4], [#member: (member 13
of castLib 6), #loopCount: 2], [#member: (member 14 of castLib 6),
#loopCount: 2], [#member: (member 13 of castLib 6), #loopCount: 6],
[#member: (member 14 of castLib 6), #loopCount: 4]]

any comments, especially from MM? is this a no no? there is nothing in the
documentation that says it will NOT work with imported SWA files. I have not
seen anything regarding how the SWA converter Xtra processes the files.


Al Hospers

I've wrestled with that problem a bunch and I've never been able to pinpoint
the cause.  One day it works and the next it doesn't.  It's almost as if
director has moods.

The current way I'm dealing with this to create a new external cast and
throw all the sounds in there imported (not linked) as full blown wav files.
Then set the SWA compression to whatever and save the cast back out as a
shocked cast.  rename the cast from cxt to cct (or maybe it was vise versa
...or maybe it doesn't matter at all and i'm overworried about extensions)
and then import that cast as a linked external cast in your real movie.  So
you've now got a cast of compressed internal SWA's that aren't loaded with
the main movie and only used when necessary.

Don't know if you tried that, but it works great on my end.  It allows for
the tight looping capabilities of D8 that I've been waiting for forever
along with the small SWA file sizes.

Ryan O'Hara

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