Sorensen, media cleaner pro
Sorensen media cleaner pro

  Sorensen, media cleaner pro

A codec stands for compression/decompression algorythm.
It's a software formula that squeezes your data into tiny
symbols and then later translates that data back into
something that makes visual sense.  Sorenson is your
algorythm.  If it does not exist on your target machine
(contained in Quicktime) you cannot playback your movie.
Your target would not need to have Media Cleaner Pro on it
to play back the movies compressed with it.

This page shows the difference between Sorenson video
compressed with constant bit rate encoding vs. variable
bit rate encoding.  In areas of high movement, the
difference between the two are clear.

Here's the rub:  You can't use varible-bit-rate encoding
without MCP, and without Sorenson Developer, you can't
make use of the varible bit-rate encoding feature.  So you
need both.

Take a good, hard look at what you can get RIGHT NOW from
the non-develper version of sorenson in quicktime.  Maybe
it's good enough (what kind of return will you be getting
with your $700 or more investment?).  Another option is to
ask Sorenson is if the upcoming Sorenson Video 3 codec
will allow complete built-in control, or will MCP still be
needed to unlock all of its features?  You may also wish
to ask if SV3 will be backwards compatible with QT3 and 4.
 There is a Media Cleaner Pro list you can join as well.

I've used MCP for years, and it is a fine product which
speeds up compression and often improves quality with a
given codec.  It has many feature which have proven to be
useful (masking, brightness/contrast control, cropping,
scaling and of course batch processing).  I wouldn't want
to live without it- but we use a lot of video in our

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