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Brennan Young enlighted us thusly:

I'm doing this in D7.0.2

This might be old news, but I'm really surprised to discover that the
undocumented LDM lingo 'tell sprite' also works with filmloops. The most
interesting application of this is to find out information about the
'score' embedded inside a filmloop (how many frames, how many channels etc.)

To find how many frames in a filmloop:

tell sprite (filmloopSprite) to set f to the lastFrame

To find how many channels in a filmloop:

tell sprite (filmloopSprite) to set lc to the lastChannel

To manipulate the playback head inside the filmloop:

tell sprite (filmloopSprite) to go to frame 1 --etc.

Main drawback: You can't pause a filmloop without pausing the main
movie. Filmloops' playback heads are slaved to the main movie.

You can, however, tell the filmloop to advance to the end, and,
providing it isn't set to loop, it will stop there.

You can make a channel inside a filmloop invisible:

tell sprite (filmloopSprite) to set the visible of sprite 1 to 0

This will not affect the corresponding channel in the main movie!

Scripts embedded inside filmloops, can be made to address their own
score with the syntax

tell the stage to tell sprite (whereTheFilmloopIs) to (whatever)

So, to get a filmloop to restart when you click it, embed this script
inside it:

on mouseUp me
  tell the stage to tell sprite (the clickOn) to go 1

...or for greater flexibility, attach this script to the filmloop sprite:

on mouseUp me
  tell sprite(me.spritenum) to go 1

More to discover, I'm sure, but this is great! People who have got used
to the joys of nested movie clips in Flash will find this very useful.

I don't have D8, would somebody please try this and report back?


Brennan Young

Artist, Composer and Multimedia programmer

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