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From: Buzz Kettles <>
Subject: Re:  Re: <lingo-l> sound playfile does not work with swa!

Caught myself in a mistake - 

SWA Streaming needs netFile (not NetLingo ...



sound playfile DOES work with swa! 
I used to do it all the time (since d6.5).

I have answered these questions a few billion (give or take a billion) times.
It's hard to believe that Warren (his Howdiness) hasn't seen all my posts, 
although 'baffling' him has it's pleasure.

We have documented this in Tech Notes & every change has been noted in 
every ReadMe version for as long as I can remember.  I really wish it 
wasn't so complicated.

There are TWO kinds of SWA:
  INSERTed (streamers) and IMPORTed (compressed traditional)

For IMPORTed SWA (which are traditional sound members) 
  For d7 projectors & sw7 , you need to include:
  SWA Import Export, Sound Import Export, MIX Services + SWA Decompressor

  For IMPORTed MP3 (which are trad sound members)
  MP3 Import Export & the same other 3

For INSERTed SWA (which are SWA Streaming members)
  For d7 projectors & sw7, you need to include:
  SWA Streaming Xtra, SWA Decompressor, NetLingo (to resolve the paths)

  For INSERTed MP3 (which are MP3 Streaming members)
  same as INSERTed SWA

In d8, we made it so that IMPORTed SWA & MP3 only need the SWA Decompressor.

In the case of sound playFile, this is tradition sound lingo, so you 
need the Xtras that are used with IMPORTed (traditional sound members)

and later:

There are no real merits to sound playFile.
puppetSound on a linked member is the same.
(see my recent explanation: "Re: <lingo-l> sound play file and MP3")

While both of these do 'streaming', it's media of member streaming from a HD.
It can't begin until the member is local (not on a web server), so if 
you play (using sound playFile or puppetSound on linked member) a 
file located at a remote address, that file needs to download 
completely before the 'streaming' begins.

SWA, QuickTime and Flash cast members can all stream the media 
directly from an http: address.  This is real streaming ... it can 
begin before the whole member is local.

In short, it's not the data file that does the streaming, it's the 
mechanism for dealing with that type of cast member.

And of course the files can be compressed enough that they can fit 
through the download pipe in real time (and still sound decent after 
95% of the bits have been removed!)

SWA files are just enhanced MP3 files (we added cue points, & more 
lower compression rates, etc.), and they can be streamed or not 
depending on whether the mechanism (cast member) that is playing them 
knows how.

NOTE: Most MP3 players still don't know how to stream and Director 
has been doing it for almost 4 years!

Hope This Helps


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