externalEvent problems
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  externalEvent problems
i saw your message on lingo-l about externalevent.  i am going to
suggest that you stay away from it entirely.  there are two reasons for

1- On IE 4.5 Macintosh, Microsoft did not compile a scripting language
called "liveconnect".  Normally, this goes unnoticed by many (even
developers), but it should be known that it is the glue which java &
javascript use to communicate between each other.  Since it is not
compiled into IE 4.5 on the mac, externalevent commands are ignored.

2- I know that they cover this in a bit more detail on the macromedia
site in a tech note, but the gist of it is that sometimes externalevent
generates events which are missed by javascript because of timing
issues.  you may want to look up interesting ways to use timeout objects
when dealing with javascript ----

however, I will finish this all off by saying, again, stay away from
externalevent.  I suggest using this format:

gotonetpage "javascript:mycoolfunction()"

you can even pass parameters

gotonetpage "javascript:mycoolfunction('" & myargument & "')"

the point here is that the javascript: pseudo-protocol is recognized
cross platform, cross broswer -- and it does a pretty good job...

good luck with your project, 


paul catanese

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