re 205 Problem reading compuled script error in d7

  error 205
From:         Kevin Lewis <>
Subject:      Problem reading compiled scripts (205) error

Hello All.

As a long time user of 7+ years it feels a bit weird that this is my first
posting to this list and it's a long one!

I think I may have gone some way to finding a possible cause of the 'Problem
reading compiled scripts (205)' error. I was getting this error frequently
and  the previously discussed 'solutions' of saving and compacting etc. were
getting nowhere. John Dowdell's statement that this error is known to be
related to movies updated from older versions did not apply. My movies were
created entirely from scratch in D7.

Bruce Epstein suggested that Null characters might be the cause, but in his
case he wasn't getting this error. I don't know anything about them, but I
followed the advice and spent some time scouring my lingo for these
invisible nasties, and after removing them the problem has gone away. Thanks

I was surprised by how many I found, some in my scripts but several in the
D7 Library as well. Usually they were the vary last character in a script
window, clinging on to the back of an 'end' statement. In all but 2 cases
out of about 40 the 'end' was the very last line of the script, that is
there were no blank lines (carriage returns) after it. In the 2 exceptions
they were on a separate line immediately after the 'end' line, but again
there were no Returns after it. There were a couple of other exceptions but
these probably got there by copy & paste.

So where do they come from? Director puts them there. At least my Mac copy
does. My simplest example of a movie with the error contained only the
following lingo:

on exitFrame
        go movie "xxxx"

I think you can see haw I was baffled as to how there could be an error in
this lingo! Copying the text into BBEdit and 'zap gremlins' made the last
line become:


It seems that the ready made exitFrame code structure that Director kindly
puts in for you has this Null character at the end. I made several new
similar scripts just to check. The automatic 'on mouseUp' you get when
creating a new sprite script does the same. I haven't checked others yet. I
have checked D6.5 and it doesn't produce them.

Now this is where my theory falls apart! Removing these Nulls has seems to
have cured the problem for me at the moment, but a test movie I created to
deliberately leave the Nulls in hasn't thrown up the error. Reproducing it
seems difficult.

Therefore some questions arise:
Could these Null characters be a cause of this error as my case appears to
Why does Director put them in in the first place?
If, as JD suggested, the 205 error is known to be caused by copying and
pasting old lingo from D6 into D7 even if the syntax is correct, could this
be what has happened here? Are these Nulls somehow leftovers from D6?

Thanks for your time
Kevin Lewis
mTCi Ltd.

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