how to date() in d7 or with uihelper
date uihelper

>>I would like to use the Date lingo in Director to assess whether a
>>particular date has passed.  When I have used this in the past, the
>>results are not always accurate.

If you are using D6.5 or later, you can use the GetDate() function of the
UIHelper Xtra which comes with Director:

put getdate()
-- [99, 1, 11]

Parsing this linear list would be quite easy and consistent across
platforms and OS'es.  The downside is that you can't easily use this in

If you are using D7 you can use the new date() object type:

expirationDate = date(1999, 3, 31)
if the systemDate - expirationDate > -1 then
end if



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