how to daily shutdown on NT kiosks
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  daily shutdown on NT kiosks
Jakob Hede Madsen wrote:

Recently I devised a temporary system for some NT kiosks:

A projector issued the baExitWindows( "shutdown" ), and this brought 
the computer all the way through the shutdown process, so that it 
powered down.

Then the central power-supply was cut-off at night, and powered on 
again in the morning.

We did some fiddling in the BIOS, most notably a setting which 
reboots after a power failure. So even though the computer was 
powered down, it still perceived the power-supply cut-off as a power 
failure, and thus rebooted in the morning, when the central 
power-supply was turned back on.

Press <delete> at boot to BIOS:
PWRON After PWR-Fail: On

We also fiddled with the registry to allow unattended booting:


Set the DefaultDomainName, DefaultPassword (must be
non-blank), and DefaultUserName. Set AutoAdminLogon to
1 (all are type REG_SZ). If you ever want to logon as
a different user, hold down the shift key as you

Later the system was changed (I was told) to a more convenient system 
where a program running on a server issued shut-down commands to all 
the 20+ computers.

HTH, Jakob

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