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cd copy protection

  CD copy protection
A few links that may be helpful:
If you don't want to spend the time, let this company do it for you.
Check CD Protections area under MAIN. Very good info on how different games 
are protected.
Create your own protected CD

Name: Freelock
Required: CdrWin
Download: [Freelock 1.0 | Freelock 1.2a]

Basic principle:
Freelock alters the layout of a CD image prior to recording, making the 
resulting copy virtually impossible to duplicate. This prevents most people 
making copies of your copies.

How to use Freelock:
1) You need to prepare a floppy disk. Just unzip everything from the ZIP 
file to your harddisk and run INSTALL.BAT
2) Make an image from the CD that is to be protected.
3) Use the disk to alter the image that you made (just point to the CUE-sheet).
4) Burn the CD. Don't remove the disk when burning.
There's a dummy guide available here.

I have never tried any methods described. If you have success, let us know.

Changhsu Liu

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