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This is from the BuddyAPI forum. Gary gave this answer on how to get the version numbers of IE and Netscape using buddy.  See below.

You could use masterApp to get the path to IE and then use the baFileVersion to check if the version is the right one. BuddyAPI is free if you're only using 2 functions.



Gary's answer starts here.
There are differences in the programs place entries between 95 and NT. What you can try is to get the location of the .exe file and then use baFileVersion to get the version of the file. To get the location of the exe, you can use baFindApp( "htm" ) to what the user has as the default browser. If you want to specifically get Netscape of explorer then,

baReadRegString( "software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\app paths\netscape.exe", "", "",
"hkey_local_machine" )

will get netscape

baReadRegString( "software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\app paths\iexplore.exe", "", "",
"hkey_local_machine" )

will get explorer. Then use baFileversion on the return to get the version. Netscape uses a normal versioning system, but IE has an unusual one. Use this list to get the actual version.

4.40.308 Internet Explorer 1.0 (Plus!)
4.40.520 Internet Explorer 2.0
4.70.1155 Internet Explorer 3.0
4.70.1158 Internet Explorer 3.0 (OSR2)
4.70.1215 Internet Explorer 3.01
4.70.1300 Internet Explorer 3.02
4.71.544 Internet Explorer 4.0 Platform Preview 1.0 (PP1)
4.71.1008.3 Internet Explorer 4.0 Platform Preview 2.0 (PP2)
4.71.1712.6 Internet Explorer 4.0
4.72.2106.8 Internet Explorer 4.01
4.72.3110.8 Internet Explorer 4.01 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
4.72.3612.1713 Internet Explorer 4.01 Service Pack 2 (SP2)
5.00.0518.10 Internet Explorer 5 Developer Preview (Beta 1)
5.00.0910.1309 Internet Explorer 5 Beta (Beta 2)
5.00.2014.0216 Internet Explorer 5
5.00.2314.1003 Internet Explorer 5 (Office 2000)
5.00.2614.3500 Internet Explorer 5 (Windows 98 Second Edition)

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