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> What I need to do is analyse the byte into bits, but I'm not certian
>as to how to go about doing this.  Are there boolean controls in lingo
>that can do this?

Hi Shane,

I assume that your byte comes in as an integer, or that you can convert
it to an integer somehow.  If so, you can use the "mod" operator to look
at the last bit, and the "/" operator to chop the last bit off so that
you can look at the next one.  Here's a handler that reads the bits
from right to left:

on treatBitsIn byte
  set bitWeight = 1
  repeat while byte
    set theBit = byte mod 2
    -- do something with theBit and bitWeight
    set bitWeight = bitWeight * 2
    set byte = byte / 2
  end repeat

And here are a couple of bit functions which work with integers:

on setBit myInteger, theBit, bitValue
  set magnitude = integer (power (2, theBit-1))
  set myInteger = (((myInteger / magnitude / 2) * 2 + bitValue) * 
magnitude) + myInteger mod magnitude
  return myInteger
end setBit

on getBit myInteger, theBit
  return (myInteger / integer (power (2, theBit-1))) mod 2
end getBit

Is this of any help?



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