how to send media in d7
Multiuser Server media

  Sending Media using the Multiuser Server
For those people who are trying to send media greater than 16k over
Multiuser connections be aware that there are two maxMessageSize values that
need to be set.

1. Multiuser.cfg
Set the line MaxMessageSize to the size you require. Remember that it
requires double this amount of memory on the server for each connection.
There's a 50 connection limit so don't go setting it to 1MB, if you are
likely to have a lot of connections.

2. setNetBufferLimits
Us this command to set the buffers in the client Xtra:


tcpipReadSize controls the size of the data chunks read in from the TCP/IP
stream. The default is 16K bytes, and it's probably best it leave it at

maxMessageSize controls the buffers used to store parts of
messages sent and received. The default value is 16Kb, so if you have data
larger than this you need to increase it. Increasing this will increase the
memory requirements of your movie.

maxIncomingUnreadMsgs sets a limit on the number of unread incoming messages
that can be accumulated. The default is 100.

Andrew White

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