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We've been using the Flash Asset in a project recently with mostly good
results, but I wouldn't recommend it for background (i.e. full screen)
stuff.  The biggest limitation on performance seems to be the size of the
flash sprite on screen, though doing things direct to stage would seem to
help alot (no composition though!) as would the stuff mentioned previously
(static, pause etc.)

One thing that we noticed on the Mac side was an occasional problem with
memory. This was basically because the memory used by Flash doesn't seem to
be reported in the memory inspector so no allowance was made for it while

The result is that flash movies are sometimes drawn as white boxes if the
memory available drops too low. If anyone knows of a way to monitor this
memory use, I'd be very interested to hear about it. For that matter, any
info on how memory is allocated to asset Xtras in general would be

Overall though, I would agree that Flash is very stable in director, and
really does open exciting new doors for animation within director movies
(though I suspect that Vector Shapes ala D7 will go a long way to achieving
this too). The bottom line is use it but test it very carefully on minimum



Simon Thorogood
ODL Multimedia

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