CD-ROM copy protection
CD-ROM copy protection

  CD-ROM security
>1) Use a unique ISO-9660 serial number on each CD.  This will require extra
>fees at the replication plant to encode this onto the disk as part of the
>stamping process plus you'll have to write some software (Xtra?) to
>read/decode this number. 

There is a German company that does something similar, optimal media 
production GmbH, that some of my customers have used successfully.

They call the process Copy-X. They master a CD that has a key written to 
some usually non-readable part of the CD, similar to the serial number 
scheme above. They also make a DLL that reads the key which you can 
access with Ravi Singh's Glu32 Xtra. There is a behavior already written 
for it. But last I checked, there was no Mac version of the software that 
reads the key. 

Gretchen Macdowall

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