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Successful Transactions
200 The request was sucessfully completed.
201 The request was a POST (or PUT) method and was successfully completed. 201 indicates that data were sent to the server and the server created a new resource as a result of the request.
202The request is accepted for processing, but results of the processing are unknown.
203The GET (or HEAD) request was fulfilled, but has returned partial information.
204The request is fulfilled, but there is no new information to send the client.
Redirection Transactions
300The requested resource is available from more than one location but the clientand server could not negotiate a preferred choice.
301The data requested have been permanently moved to a new URL.
302The data were found but reside at a different URL. Users may get a 302 redirectionis a URL pointing to a directory is missing the trailing slash character.
304A GET request was sent that contained the "If-Modified-SInce" field.The server found that the document had not been modified since the date specified.
Error Messages
400Request syntax was wrong
401Request required "Authorization" field that client did not specify.
402Targeted operation costs money and client did not pay.
403The requested resource is forbidden.
404Server cannot find the requested URL.
405Client attempted access using a method that is not allowed.
406Resource found but not delivered because type isincompatible with types indicated by "accept" and "accepted-encoding" headers sent to server.
407Proxy authentication required.
408Request timeout.
409Conflict. You may get a 409 error if you try to upload a file to your Web server which is older than the one already there
410Resource no longer available and no forwarding information found.
500Server encountered internal error and cannot continue.
501Legal request, but unsupported by the particular server.
502A secondary server or gateway did not return a valid response to the server being tasked by the client.
503Service unavailable. Server busy.
504A secondary server or gateway took too long to respond to the server being tasked by the client.

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