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Alan levine wrote:

> I am trying to write a cgi script that searches a database on my website and
> thought to myself that I could write this search engine in about 1/5 of the
> time if I were to write it in lingo as opposed to perl since I am just
> learning the language.

Wrong approach. You would not spend 1/5 the time but more like 12/5 since
you'd have to test and debug in the perl environment.

Just learn perl. Text search and retrieval is what is does great.

CGI Free
is a free service that offers web CGI scripts that you can link to for
doing things like clocks, form remailers, browser re-direction, random
quotes, random images, and more.

CGI Programming 101
is an online CGI programming class, intended for anyone who knows HTML, but
doesn't know Perl or CGI programming (and maybe doesn't know any
programming at all). The goal here is to introduce you to writing Perl CGI
scripts, teach you the basics of scriptwriting, and walk you through
several common CGI programming applications for the Web.

is a large collection of cgi scripts and resources.


It's got all the search routines it needs once you can translate what you
knwo from director (lists) to perl arrays.

D. Plänitz