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von Daniel am 22.Dezember 96 um 15:43:57:

zu: perl/cgi - wie, wofür, was von Daniel am 22.Dezember 96 um 02:15:59:

Fred Kahl wrote:
> I have been working on a project where I use Shockwave to send text to a
> cgi,writing a file on a server. From all I have learned and experienced,
> shockwave sends text out fine using getnettext. Each string of text,
> however must be under 1 k. It is capable of sending up to four of these
> strings at a time. I can do this fine. Using the getlatestnetid function,
> however, you should be able to detect when those strings have been received
> by the server, and send more text out.
> Try as I may, I have been completely unsuccessful at putting more than
> these first four strings of data up to the server. Has anyone else out
> there had any experience in sending data using getnettext? If it were just
> a short string, I would have no problem with this. The project is a paint
> program, which stores the painting as a series of coordinates, colors,etc.
> There is a link to an early version of it off of my home page if anyone is
> interested in checking it out...
> Any advice would be GREATLY APPRECIATED
> Fred Kahl
> Digital Media Artist, Human Blockhead, Sword Swallower,
> and World's Worst Magician.
> Home of the Coney Island Circus Sideshow

you tie up the maximum socket limit on netscape, i think you can free it
up by using netabort(), after you have checked for netdone()
niklas woermann


D. Plänitz