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Here is a partial list of error codes that can be produced through network operations in Director. Based on a list from Christian Hunt in Macromedia QA in May 1997, Additions from lingo-l, direct-l, shockeR, h-ex posts.

"Whenever I'm stumped and netlingo is being difficult, I like to watch the conversation with tcpflow" (Cole Tierney on direct-L)

-------------------- Lingo Network Errors --------------------

The following is a list of the most common network related errors reported
to Lingo in both Shockwave and Director 6.

Error Description
----- -----------
0 Everything is OK, Peachy, and Generally Acceptable
1 I got the netError = 1 in connection with downloadNetThing. The code was undocumented, but I found that the problem was the local path (i.e. the second parameter, i.e. the filename that the downloaded stuff is about to assume once it makes it to your disk). If the local path points to a directory which doesn't exist, downloadNetThing fails with netError=1 (L.Pasani)
4 Bad MOA Class. This generally means the required network Xtras are improperly installed, or not installed at all. NOTE: This can occur with non-network Xtras as well.
5 Bad MOA Interface. Same as Bad MOA Class in symptoms and remedies.
6 This alert can be achieved by using an URL which Shockwave does not support.
20 Internal error. Returned by netError() in Shockwave if the browser detected a network or internal error.
900 apparently net error 900 means "File to be written to is read-only"
903 Disk is full. (T. Schussler)
905 is "bad filespec". It's not documented because we haven't seen it come up often enough to catch our attention.(MM TechSup)
2018 postNetText error (similar to 4165?) usually happens when you use postNetText with the parameters in the URL. M.Kloss recommends this syntax to avoid 2018: pNetID = postNetText(myURL, myParamPropList) 4144 Failed network operation
4145 Failed network operation
4146 Connection could not be established with the remote host
4147 Failed network operation
4148 Failed network operation
4149 Data supplied by the server was in an unexpected format
4150 Unexpected early closing of connection
4151 Failed network operation
4152 Data returned is truncated This may occur when using getNetText in a Shockwave movie running in AOL 5.0. Specifically, this will occur if you are using a ? character at the end of your URL as a technique to force a bypass of the cache (by fooling the browser into thinking you are making a CGI call) and a fresh retrieval of data from the remote server. The AOL 5.0 browser treats the ? character as part of the filename and stored the file in the cache with the ? character appended, which prevents the Shockwave player from finding it. (T. Schussler)
4153 Failed network operation
4154 Operation could not be completed due to timeout
4155 Not enough memory available to complete the transaction
4156 Protocol reply to request indicates an error in the reply
4157 Transaction failed to be authenticated
4159 Invalid URL
4160 Failed network operation
4161 Failed network operation
4162 Failed network operation
4163 Failed network operation
4164 Could not create a socket
4165 Requested Object could not be found (URL may be incorrect).
4166 Generic proxy failure
4167 Transfer was intentionally interrupted by client
4168 Failed network operation
4240 The network xtras weren't initialized properly. (Lewis Francis)
4242 Download stopped by netAbort(url)
4817 was trying to send said POST every frame (Lon Koenig)
4836 Download stopped for an unknown reason. May have been a network error, or the download may have been abandoned.

Other errors may occur in the range of 4144-4168 indicating a failed network operation.

on dumpNetError err
  case err of
     "OK": return "OK"
    -128 : return "User cancelled."
    0    : return "Everything is OK, peachy, and generally acceptable."
    1    : return "Memory error."
    4    : return "Bad MOA Class. Network Xtras may be improperly installed."
    5    : return "Bad MOA Interface. Network Xtras may be improperly installed."
    6    : return "Bad URL."
    20   : return "Internal error. Browser detected a network or internal error."
    900  : return "File to be written to is read only."
    903  : return "Disk is full."
    905  : return "Bad URL."
    2018 : return "postNetText fail."
    4146 : return "Connection could not be established with the remote host."
    4149 : return "Data supplied by the server was in an unexpected format."
    4150 : return "Unexpected early closing of connection."
    4152 : return "Data returned is truncated."
    4154 : return "Operation could not be completed due to timeout."
    4155 : return "Not enough memory available to complete the transaction."
    4156 : return "Protocol reply to request indicates an error in the reply."
    4157 : return "Transaction failed to be authenticated."
    4159 : return "Invalid URL."
    4164 : return "Could not create a socket."
    4165 : return "Requested Object could not be found (URL may be incorrect)."
    4166 : return "Generic proxy failure."
    4167 : return "Transfer was intentionally interrupted by client."
    4168 : return "Failed network operation."
    4240 : return "The network xtras weren't initialized properly."
    4242 : return "Download stopped by netAbort(url)."
    4817 : return "Check how you sent the POST." 
    4836 : return "Download stopped for an unknown reason."
    otherwise :
      if err > 4143 AND err < 4164 then
        return "Failed network operation:" && err
        return "Unknown network error:" && err
      end if
  end case

(based on a script posted by k e n   p r a t )

last update: 23.1.2003

D. Plänitz