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von dp am 11.Februar 98 um 18:03:29:

>Hello all,
> I want to write a CGI script in PERL where I can use databases
>which can access the data randomly. Does anyone know any database which can
>be used in PERL?

Well you can access most databases through PERL using SQL but you need to
have a database engine running somewhere that you can send the SQL query
to. Oracle and Sybase are two industrial strength solutions.

If you're just trying to create a standalone text based database that you
can access in PERL then you can try out the SPRITE PERL database engine
available from one of the many CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)
mirrors one of which is at:

The SPRITE engine is in the sub-directory


but check out the other directories as they are a great resource for
writing CGI scripts.

BTW, anybody noticed how Java and ActiveX books are even displacing CGI
and Perl books in the bookshops. I went in the other day and there was
only one book on CGI and Perl even though CGI still performs the vast
majority of the backroom functionality on the Internet. :-(

Andrew White
Multimedia Developer, Cathode
Coventry, UK


D. Plänitz