which XTRAS changed in 7.02 / how to find out version info
d7.02 xtraList xtras

  XTRAS changed in 7.02
>This raises another question - did any of the XTRAS change in 7.02?  With
>my projector, I've got a whole host of XTRAS in my external XTRAS folder,
>and I'm thinking just to be safe, I should re-copy my XTRAS from the new
>Director 7.02 app.  (I recall having this verson-control problem when I
>went from 6.5 to 7)

Some of them apparently didn't ;) 
Try \help\about director\info\message window
for details. Looks like it might be good advice to re-copy.

Actually i just discovered the xtraList. Here's how to compute the ratio of updated xtras:

-- Welcome to Director --

put getRatioOfVersion ("7.0.2r85")
-- 69.3548

-- movie script

on getRatioOfVersion dVersion
  -- return ratio of some Version expression 
  -- among total entries in the XtraList
  dL = the xtraList
  dSum = 0
  cnt = dL.count
  repeat with i = 1 to cnt
    dSum = dSum + (dL[i].version = dVersion)
  end repeat
  return dSum * 100.0 / cnt

----- EoS

So we could make projectors test on startmovie whether certain versions of xtras are present.

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