how to create unique strings for frame label names
unique label marker strings

At 18:32 02.07.98 +0000, Kevin Dowd wrote:
>In my project the user gets to do a lot of frame recording/deleting.
>I'd like to be able to generate unique frame label names so that I can add
>them to a list and do my navigation from that list - go next and go previous
>won't suffice.
>So the only idea I've had so far is
>set the framelabel = string(ticks()) -- could use timer instead but in reality
>its the same thing
>Is there a better way generate unique names. In an ideal world framelabels
>would be chars and there would be an unlimited amount of them

Hi Kevin,

unlimited is a big thing, but the 2 handlers below garantee uniqueness.
AsciSalat(integer) returns a random string of x chars. The other function checks whether 
the result is truly unique and continues until it is. I#m using the labellist here but if 
you maintain a real list, checking against that list will speed up the process. 
There are about  1,411670956534e+14 different strings with 10 chars. If you feel that is not 
enough, just call asciSalat() with another parameter. 

on asciSalat lang
  set erg=""
  repeat with rum=1 to lang
    set teil=numToChar(random(26)+64)
    set erg=erg & teil  
  end repeat  
  return erg

on uniqueLabel
  set ok = FALSE
  repeat while not ok    
    set unique = ascisalat(10)
    set ok = not(the labellist contains (unique & RETURN))
  end repeat
  return unique

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put uniquelabel()



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