an object which creates unique and compact symbols
unique symbol object


... if, however, you're looking for an easy way to obtain an unique symbol 
whenever you need it, here is an object which supplies unique ids. 
It basically has a counter which is incremented with every access and 
then outputs the value with a prefix ("_") as a base 36 number. 
This guaranties compact symbols even for large numbers :

dobj = new (script "UniqIdObj")
dObj.setLastId (the maxInteger - 1)
put dObj.getUniqId()
-- "_ZIK0ZJ"

-- parent script UniqIdObj

property myLastID,myLDigits,myPraefix

on new me
  init me
  return me

on init me  
  myPraefix = "_"
  myLDigits = getLDigits(me)
  setLastId me

on setLastId me,dId
  -- to initialize the counter with some random integer
  if voidP(dId) then 
    dId = "0"
    dId = string(dId)
  end if
  myLastID = integer(dId) 


on getLDigits me
  -- returns a list of 36 digits 0..9,A..Z
  myLDigits = []
  repeat with i = 0 to 9
    myLDigits.append( string(i) )
  end repeat
  repeat with i = 0 to 25
    myLDigits.append( numToChar(65 + i) )
  end repeat
  return myLDigits

on toBase me,dVal,dBase,sID
  if voidP(sID) then sId = ""
  if dBase > myLDigits.count then return #illegal_Base
  if not integerP(dBase) then dBase = myLDigits.count
  if not integerP (dVal) then return #bad_Input
  high = dVal / dBase
  low = dVal mod dBase 
  sID = string( myLDigits[low + 1] ) & sID
  if high > 0 then 
    return toBase (me,high,dBase,sId)
    return  sID 
  end if

on getUniqid me
  myLastId = myLastId + 1
  return myPraefix & tobase (me,myLastId)

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