treeview globals inspector

  A MIAW Xtra to navigate explorer-like through your globals. Supports nested object references.

  treeview globals inspector

This MIAW Xtra enables you to navigate through 
your global variables. 

When you open it, a snapshot of (the globals) is 
taken and displayed in a field. Expandable items
show a leading +  just as collapsible have a  -

So what you see at first is just one single line:

+ (the globals)

Click on the plus and you get all your globals, 
one in a row. If one of them is a list, a property 
list or an instance it once again has a '+' to click
on. Nested objects are supported.
This is meant as an convenient way to look at the
properties of objects deep down in an object tree.

The only exception are objReferences which have been
displayed somewhere up, theese are only printed.
I did this in order to avoid infinity loops with 
circular references.

download the file as zip 
d7-version as zip 
d7-src as zip 

After unzip copy it to the \director 8\xtras folder to
install. Next time you start director, it will show in
the xtras - menue. (Tested on nt4/w2k but it should run on mac, too)

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