how to play swa files in a projector

  swa player
>I want to use Shockwave audio compression on a CD-ROM product, but don't
>want to import the (large, because still at high quality for a language
>training project) files into a projector.

Hi Arron,

this can be done with just one swa member in the cast.
The url property accepts a standard path/filename as well. 

on playSwa swaMbr,thePath,theFile
  set the url of swaMbr= thePath & theFile
  set oldVol = the volume of swaMbr 
  set the volume of swaMbr = 0 
  stop swaMbr 
  set the volume of swaMbr = oldVol 
  play swaMbr

Best regards

Daniel Plaenitz

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