how to acces sprites by symbolic names?
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>>4.  Is it really true that the sprites can't  have symbolic names? Does
>>the only possible way to reference them by "sprite number"?

But then you can easily use a property list to substitute symbolic names and 
sprite numbers.

I.e. you might set up a list like 

on initvars
  global gLpSprites
  set gLpSprites = [#Background:1, #MainGraphic:3, #SomeThingElse: 5]

 then have a handler like

on getNamedSprite dName
  global gLpSprites
  return getaProp(gLpSprites,dName)

and later reference sprites like

put the loc of sprite getNamedSprite(#Background)

I missed toolbook's grouping very much when I started with director, filmloops 
probably are the closest you can get.

Best regards

Daniel Plaenitz

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