creating sprites on the fly without placeholders
dynamic sprite

  dynamic sprite creation

You can puppet empty sprites w/o placeholders, 
the trick is to set all the properties you'll need
since there is no default when director puppets an 
empty sprite. Don't forget to set the forecolor of sprite, 
else it looks like you have some drunken ink. 
I used this with #bitmap, #field, filled #shape members 
succesfully in d5,d6 and d7. 

on spriteVoodoo me, aSprite, aMbr, aLoc
    set the puppet of sprite aSprite to true
    set the member of sprite aSprite to aMbr
    set the forecolor of sprite aSprite to 0
    set the ink of sprite aSprite = 36
    set the loc of sprite aSprite to aLoc

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