systemDate.seconds is not very reliable
systemDate seconds

At 08:29 16.12.2000 +1300, David Wood wrote:

>I conclude that the systemDate.seconds is unreliable on my Mac (system

>Does anyone have the time to check this out on Windows? On another Mac?

I tested with the frame script below and found the two values to run 
_almost parallel, the difference most of the time 1 seconds, 0 seconds 
at times and sometimes even -1 (which is output as -59). I tested on w2k, 
athlon 800 TB, d8, 3fps

best regards
daniel plaenitz

-- frame script --
on prepareFrame

on exitFrame me 
  go the frame

on xGetTime
  -- by Fumio Nonaka
  nTime = (the systemDate).seconds
  nHours = nTime /(60 * 60)
  nTime = nTime - nHours * 60 * 60
  nMinutes = nTime / 60
  nSeconds = nTime mod 60
  lTime = [nHours, nMinutes, nSeconds]
  return lTime

on compareSecs
  oldelim = the itemdelimiter
  set the itemdelimiter = ":"
  lsec = item 3 of the long Time
  xsec = xgettime()[3]
  the itemdelimiter = oldelim
  put integer(lsec) - xsec

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