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  I think the current state of the editor is a shame
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At 23/30 07/09/99 -0400, Al Hospers wrote:

>OK, folks. I promise that this is the last from me on this subject. it seems
>as if I am flogging a dead horse and obviously most people either really
>don't understand what I am talking about with the editor problems, or they
>simply don't care.  OR maybe it is completely different and works perfectly
>on the Mac! heaven knows....

to which I said:

Al, you are not alone. The script editor would have deserved much more
feedback from the developer community than it got. Handling text apparently
is not a core competence at Macromedia and given the weak response on this
matter I too am afraid Macr has not given high priority to improving this.

However, to be fair I have to mention that 2 of the d7.0 issues with the
script editor have been adressed, even if only with partial success. That
is: when stepping to the next script d7.0 used to scroll to the top of the
current script first before going to the next, d7.02 fixed this. And while
setting the color of scripttext still has  !! no visual effect !! at least it
doesn't throw an alert as it did with d7.0 and setting the fontstyle works.

I think the current state of the editor is a shame.

Will there be a 7.03? Or a 7.x gold edition w/o the quirks? I'm afraid the
answer is that we got the remote instead.

>3) the development environment in D7 that I use and live with EVERY DAY is
>significantly slower than it was in 6.5.

me too.

to which in turn Jake Sapirstein replied:

Daniel, Al, Boyd et al:

We have heard reports of slow downs in the script editor window, but
what we need are concrete details on when and how things slow down,
machine and memory configuration info.  We have had problems
reproducing reported problems and that is why we need the specifics.
We want to address these issues as well!

Please send these detailed reports to:


with a subject:  text handling issues


Jake Sapirstein
Director QA/Engineering
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This is a work in progress. I'll update it whenever I have one.

Most of the examples come from working on a castlib with:

codeCounter 2
-- "Lingo lines in castlib 'common05'(#2)"
-- "   script members: 201"
-- "        Only code: 22393"
-- "    Only comments: 9747"
-- "    Code&comments: 32140"
-- "      Blank lines: 9279"
-- "      Total lines: 41419"

The machines where I experience them are

- a pentiumIII 300 mhz 128mb ram 2 x matrox mystique 4mb grafik boards, 2560 x 1024 x 16bit color depth
  NT4sp4 German

- a amd k6II 400mhz 96mb ram elsa winner S3 grafik board 2mb, 1024 x 768 x 16 bit color depth.

its dfw 7.02

setting the color of scripttext still has !! no visual effect !!

I am used to my system of colouring and I miss this very much. Doing it by hand is a pita.

Forcing script font to Courier 12 is hard to be achieved

When inserting scripts (copied from another file, copying scripttext from an external editor), they suddenly choose terminal, system, arial, Courier New. preferences/script has Courier, 12pt, autocoloring not enabled. I have not yet been a victim of any 'loosing preferences' syndrom.

Slow display of script errors

recompile all scripts. a message box informs me of a detected error( this one happens fast). I choose "script". It takes sooo long until the script/incorrect line is displayed.


works reliable most of the time. However, the last 'end' of a script quite often remains indented as if it was an ordinary line of code. Sometimes, random lines of a script freak out and have an extra indent plus or minus. pressing the TAB seems to fix it. I open another script. I return to the other one: the same lines as before freak . Recompile etc doesn't help either. Close director, open again and its ok. Don't tell me of syntax errors, extra endifs etc, I'm not a newbie. I know a strange thing when I see it.
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This is a absolutely typical shot of how a line of lingo looks when typed. 
I didn't do anything to make this happen
Quite annoying, sure i can make them disappear pressing the TAB but it takes time. 
With every look on the script it takes some split seconds to actively ignore those lost cursors

I can reproduce this:


The trick is to press a key when the cursor is on (as opposed to invisible)
Doesn't look like a professional scripting tool, does it?

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american programms mutilating european accented characters are not that hard to find.
However, d6 did better in some respect than d7.02 does. The unique characteristic of 
D7.02 (didn't test .0) is that its mutilating umlauts in a nonlinear way. 
Which even nukes the chance of repairs by search/replace.

We have two scenarios here. First: umlauts in scriptText. 
(I never dared to use umlauts in handler names, variable names, member names. So I don't know what happens there.)
But I have umlauts in comments [annoying]. And in strings (messages, check user input etc.) [lethal] 
Umlauts are part of our culture 
and cannot be avoided completly!!
Umlauts in scriptText go berzerk as soon as I go xplattform. The examples below have been created on NT4Sp4 German. 
Opened and saved once on macOs. Opened again on NT. 
Please note that identical umlauts like ä or ü change to nonidentical funny chars. 
the comment in magenta gives the original spelling.


Same again, only here with string constants affected. While preparing this page I found strong evidence that
to get in serious trouble the scripttext of a scriptmember has to be edited on the mac. 
There appears to exist a special dislike for the letter ä which is changed to a variety of chars


The next example is NOT from the script editor but an indicator that umlaut mutilation is NOT LIMITED to xplatform.
Below you see the movie properties of a file created on Nt4 and save&compacted twice. On the very same machine, OS, 
wetware, name it.


The continuation character may be affected, too:

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See that missing half of a line? There ain't anything special about it. Output by the very same handler 
which wrote hundreds of identical lines above and below. No coloring or anything. Looks just right when not selected.
Freaks reproducibly when selected.


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  double drawn text:

What have you done?!!
blush - placed the cursor at the end of the line "if getpos(yadda,yadda) then" and hit the RETURN key.
didn't know I was n't supposed to...
Can you repro?!!
....no... only sometimes ... when no one else looks  


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