How to create a number of markers in the score according an external text list
score recording scoreRecording Marker frameLabel

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Subject: Re: Import text list and turn them into MARKERS?

At 16/15 06/04/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello -     I have a big list of names for which there is a picture of every
>name. Every name would become a frame in my director movie. Is there any way
>to import a text list into director and have director assign a frame to each
>name on the list .

As devin pointed out, importing the text list via fileIO is very possible. 
Assigning markers for each of them is easy too using score recording. 
ScoreRecording is _very_ powerful, I use it for creating the framework of 
entire projects from database-outputted textlists. A big timesaver.
The handler below just sets the marker of the current frame. 
It assumes dMarker to be a string.

on setMarkerOfCurrFrame dMarker
    set the frameLabel = dMarker

-- Welcome to Director --
setMarkerOfCurrFrame "Blah"

Download a .zip - Archive with an example of it.

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