There is a bug in d7.0 with right mouse events sent to behaviors which also effects left hander mouse setups
d7.0 behaviors left-hander shockwave

  rightMouseEvents <snip> > >The bug is this: While running under SW 7.0, a mouseUp registers >immediately after mouseDown is triggered, whether or not you release the >mouse button. With SW 6.01, the mouseUp is not triggered until the mouse >button is released (correct behavior), but it does not continue to register >a mouseDown while the mouse button is being held down. > >The references I saw on Direct-L suggested that this problem occurs in >non-Shockwave forms of Director as well, but I have tried this in the >authoring environment and in a projector and everything worked as expected. >If you wish to see this for yourself, check out: > ><http://lonestar.texas.net/~hughf/southpaw/> > >Does anyone know of a workaround? Is Macromedia aware of this one? > > I described a similar thing when d7.0 was released, behaviors on a sprite receive rightMouseDown and rightMouseUp at the same instant. This would happen in authoring and I didn't test it in projectors or plugin. It was acknowledge by jd and apparently corrected in d7.01 (which was the version number of the French, German and Japanese localized director). I tested that again in d7.02 and couldn't reproduce it. With shockwave this may be another question, since AFAIK the d7.02 shockwave has not been released yet. Testing in shockwave therefore is like testing it in d7.0 even when you authored it in d7.02 As for a workaround: I didn't test it now but I think everything else except behaviors worked ok, so you could use primary event handlers, member scripts etc.

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