How do I create dxr file?
compacting protecting project backup

  compacting/protecting the project
>Just make sure you back-up your movies first!!

Well put.

Make it a habbit to first copy the files yourself before compacting and, 
separately afterwards, protecting a project. Seldom, but at times d7 has 
a hiccup when backing up compacted or protected files.

Compacting files is well rewarded with d7.

Actually it is useful to have dedicated folders with a certain name in 
each project directory tree to direct the copies of the original files, 
director does when compacting/protecting. (Director has a funny way of 
selecting a folder in that dialog, you have to actually open the folder 
to update the 'select folder' aim.)

Last, I would recommend to do that compacting/protecting - cycle regularly 
during the growth of a project (as opposed to: only in the very end, 
when things get quick.) 

You notice problems (hard coded paths of external media or castLibs, 
file corruption, missing files) soon after they occur. You always 
have a version to go back to if needed. And you train yourself a 
routine of doing a step of critical importance.

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