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  postNetText, Using D7 code
At 12:10 26.02.99 -0600, WthmO wrote:
>> Andersson wrote:
>> Im trying to make a game with a highscoretable that is suppose to
>> save to a server via a little simple cgi-script.
>This came up earlier today and most of the week.
>Here's something from Bernard Lang; <snipety>

In an attempt to unite the two dominant threads of the day here is a d7.syntax 
variation of Bernard's example which does POST instead of GET.

-- movie script
on checknetTextResult
  Global netId
  if voidP(netId) then return
  if netDone(netID) then
    tmp = netTextResult()
    member( "Result").html = tmp
  end if

on ClickButtonPOST
  Global netId
  member ("Result").text = ""
  URL = "" 
  name = "John+Smith"
  SSnum = "1234567890"
  postText = "name=" & name & "&number=" & SSnum 
  netID = postNetText(URL,postText) 
  member ("Result").text = "waitingPost"

-- frame script
on exitFrame
  go the frame


Now while the playhead loops on that frame, write the command ClickButtonPOST
in the message window (or make yourself a button for this), wait an instant and
member "result" (which should be a #text) displays:

Submitted via POST

1: entry{"name"} = John Smith
2: entry{"number"} = 1234567890

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