How do you protect your (swf) files?? And: dirOpener, xenap
flash protect decompile extract dirOpener

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My boss, worry wart that he is, is worried that even though I protect my
director movies, that someone can technically crack into them and retrieve
graphics, especially flash animations, and use them for their own purposes.

Does anyone know of any way of further "Protecting" your flash animations
within director? (This is mainly for cdrom projects.)

Compressing the files to dcr/cct seems to help (You can use them with
CD-projects as well).

On another list I found this info by the author of a flash decompiler:

"A SWF in a DCR is safe from Action Script Viewer, compressing it first won't
make it any more secure. (On the other hand a SWF, whether compressed or
not,  in a DIR or DXR file is not safe from ASV).

There are ways to get your assets in Director movies. I haven't checked if
it works for SWFs (or they have an MX version out yet) but I'd rather try
DirOpener at before a conclusion. On the other hand,
handing client a DCR seems it would make stealing hard enough, especially if
they know about Flash but not Director.

Best regards,

In the direct-l - archives you may find some discussions how to protect your files
against spying, basically you would at least need something in startmovie
to detect if the file is running as a miaw and commit suicide (erase all
members) if so.

Compared to flash and java applets (which are open like a tennis court)
dxr/dcr files are safer but it always depends on the means someone is
willing to put into it: if time/money don't count, a dcr un-compressor and
a dxr decompiler could be written. And I don't believe that doing it all in
C or any other language would help - computers are machines which copy and
move data.

best regards
Daniel Plaenitz

What about programs like "Roboflash protector"? Do you think they actually
work and are worth the cost?

It's an arms race. It may work for a while until one of the other tool
developers decides its worth the time to add a countermeasure to his
un-protector. .swf is a documented file format (unlike .dcr) so there is no
real barrier. (Said protector is sold by a company that also has an
extractor among their products. They fight on both sides of the front.)

I think your best chance might be to directly optimize / obfuscate the
bytecode using However, the very same tool
can be used to undo it...

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