how to let a MIAW use a member which belongs to the stage
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  MIAW using cast member from parent?
At 15:29 23/06/99 -0500, WthM wrote:
>Geek Culture wrote:
>> I'm trying to get a MIAW to use a cast member from the main movie.
>You almost have it. But the MIAW, unless it is using an external cast
>linked to the main movie, has no direct access to the main cast file. So
>try this instead:
>MIAW button script:
>on mouseup
>  tell the stage to "dothememberthing"
>In my Main Movie script:
>on dothememberthing
>  copyToClipBoard cast 18
>  tell window "Window1"
>    pasteClipBoardInto <some blank slot>
>    set the member of sprite 10 to member <some blank slot>
>  end tell
>That's off the cuff of course but probably a lot more like what you have
>in mind.
>And of course you could just create an external cast file, put all of
>the main movie's members into that, and link your MIAW to it.

And then, as this is director and you can do most of the tasks in a lot of
different ways, you could use ''. Below is a clipping from a
Behavior script:

on getMemberFromStage me,dMbr
  -- dMbr is a member reference which is valid in the stage's context
  tell the stage
    if ilk(dMbr) = #member then
      if the number of dMbr > 0 then
        dmedia =
      end if
    end if
  end tell
  -- we 're back in the MIAW now
  if found then
    sprite (spriteNum) = dMedia
  end if 

Best regards

Daniel Plaenitz

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