what is the maximum length for an url used with getNetText?
getNetText url

  maximum length of getNetText() and postNetText() data

  Apparently director 8 introduced some changes (and errors) regarding getNettext() and postNetText() argument length. It used to not interfere with the arguments or at least, just cut them after 4096 bytes. (See below for a years-old description.)
It does not so, now.
First of all the limit seems to have moved to 4094 chars. But, more drastically, when you exceed that limit, director now doesn't send the data but returns an error 6, Bad Url, instead :-(
Using postNetText you can send up to almost 64kb Data. If you exceed that limit, director sends only a fraction of the data but won't give an error. So you should check that by yourself if you send huge data!

Below is an older entry to this topic which was true with d6 (or so)

>        Does anyone know how long a URL can I feed to the getNetText command
>without getting into trouble? I want to send data to a CGI script, and
>I've read that the specification speaks of about 40KB as 'top boundary'.
>Without even testing it, I am most confident that Director does not
>handle _this_ lengths... 
>        Can anyone tell?

hallo Martin,

a test says more than 50 experts unisono strong believes - 
I wrote me a simple perl which emulates a huge WOM (write only memory) 
you may send it any sort of data via GET and it will return the number of bytes. 
Since I have an http server running under NT for testing purpose I checked it 
there and even after I fed getNetText() with 2mb+ of string data the maximum 
value returned was 4067. The url, excluding the query string, was 29 chars so 
the limit appears to be 4 k brutto. I tried to feed netscapes adress line with 
a looooong query string but somehow netscape didn't really appreciate this and 
soon both netscape and the server called dr.watson. 

I put the perl on an apache webserver and approached it via getNetText() the 
url w/o data had 46 chars and the maximum returned was 4050 bytes now. 

Thus, I assume that the upperLimit for getnettext's url length is 4096 bytes.

Test it yourself, the perl lives at 

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