getNetText caches downloaded files in the \Temp directory
cache getNetText TEMP

  getNetText cache
getnetText() downloads to the system \TEMP directory. 
(I couldn't remember the details so I searched my mailbox 
and found something I posted myself a year ago)
Every getnetText() downloads the content of its url to the 
systems TEMP directory as a file with the name "mpNETID.tmp". 
These files get deleted when a clearcache is issued or when the 
player quits. However, if more than one player are around, they 
may survive. 
This is probably documented somewhere and I just overlooked the spot. 
I found this after some days of experimenting with getNetText() when 
several hundred Mb of tmp-files had piled up. 
(The online docu states that the result of only the last getNetText() 
is saved and can be retrieved by netTextResult(), this is 
true internally: the file in the TEMP directory is still there but 
netTextResult() won't deliver its content after some other getnettext() 
has occurred.)
I'm not sure if this info fits into the puzzle you have to deal with 
but may be it could help to explain why one info seems to re-download when offline 
while the other does not. (If you change the sequence of the donloads, is it still 
the same  text that appears when offline?)

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