Why do I have crashes with non-Intel cpu s?
DIRMMX crash cpu

> When I attempted to import a number of cast members for the final
>touches, this illegal error occured:
>DIRECTOR executed an invalid instruction in
>module DIRMMX.X32 at 0137:018d2da4.


if you had tried to search the archives on dirmmx.x32 you would have found some 
info on this question already. Dirmmx.x32 is an xtra that enables director to 
use the mmx instruction set of an mmx-capable cpu. Unfortunately, this may fail 
when the cpu is not mmx-capable. 
MM has a techNote, too, ID: 12103
You didn't mention the OS version, the cpu type or the bit depth of the bitmaps
 you imported. A box with an cyrix cpu and trying to display 16bit-graphics 
mixed with 8-bit graphics lead to reproducable crashes here. Removing the file 
dirmmx.x32 from the xtras directory might solve your problem, the other solution 
that worked for me was to avoid mixing 16bit and 8bit artwork.

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