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At 12:51 06/04/99 +0100, Daniel Brown wrote:
>In the beginSprite of a low channel number , say 10, I'm sending a message
>to a higher sprite using sendSprite ( 20, #bob) ...
>Anyway, the higher sprite is not recieving this event... It leaves me to
>conclude that in d6.5 you can't send a message to a sprite that has not yet
>recieved its own beginSprite event... This sounds resonable, I'm I right?
>Interestingly enough though - it works fine in D7.

Does it? Would you mind providing an example?
I used the behavior below to test and received identical results under dfw 6.02 and d7.0 which 
look to me like indeed a sprite won't receive a message before its own beginSprite event. Which 
is exactly what I expected to happen.

(four sprites in channel 1,2,3,4 with the same behavior attached, go the frame loop)

--- Behavior script "TestBeh"
property spriteNum, myLpPartner,myself

on beginSprite me 
  set myLpPartner = [:]
  set mySelf = #testBeh
  sayhello me

on sayHello me
  set dLp = [:]
  sendAllSprites(#merhaba, dLp)
  put spriteNum,myLpPartner

on merhaba me,dLp
  addProp dLp,mySelf,spriteNum

on setPartner me,dLp
  set myLpPartner = dLp

-- Welcome to Director --

-- 1 [#TestBeh: 1]
-- 2 [#TestBeh: 1, #TestBeh: 2]
-- 3 [#TestBeh: 1, #TestBeh: 2, #TestBeh: 3]
-- 4 [#TestBeh: 1, #TestBeh: 2, #TestBeh: 3, #TestBeh: 4]

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