how to get all the sprites numbers of the sprites with a certain behavior attached to them to be in a list
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At 10:52 14.12.98 +0000, James  wrote:
>anyone know a good way of getting all the sprites numbers of the sprites
>with a certain behavior attached to them to be in a list that is a property
>in one of the behaviors. ONLY using behaviors, no frame script,


below are snippets from a working behavior which do just that: collect a list of sprites which have this behavior attached. Actually it is a bit more specific since the value of a identifier is checked thus to allow several independent groups of sprites with this behavior to coexist.

property myInited        -- Flag
property myLOurSprites   -- List of Sprites belonging to the Group
property myMagicSpell    -- symbol to identify members of a sprite group
property mySprite

on beginSprite me
  set myLOurSprites = []
  set myInited = FALSE
  set mySprite = the spritenum of me
  if voidP (myMagicSpell) then set myMagicSpell = #someDefault

on enterframe me
  -- Init not done?      
  -- Could be in beginSprite but saves trouble with rect of sprite                      
  -- when done later. Only executed once by the first sprite of the
  -- group with this behavior

  if not (myInited) then 
    sendallSprites (#initialize,myLOurSprites,myMagicSpell)
    tellGroupOurSprites me
  end if   

on initialize me,dL,dSpell
  if myMagicSpell <> dSpell then return
  set myInited = TRUE
  append dL,mySprite

on setLOurSprites me,dL
  set myLOursprites = dL  

on tellGroupOurSprites
  repeat with dSprite in myLOurSprites
    if dSprite = mySprite then next repeat
    sendSprite dsprite,#setLOurSprites,myLOurSprites
  end repeat


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