How to find if user is connected to internet
connected getNettext environment

At 08/39 19/05/00 -0700, Terry Schussler wrote:

>What I recommend you do is a series of tests:
>-- check the netPresent system property to make sure that the NetLingo Xtra
>-- check (the environment)[#internetConnected] property to attempt to
>determine if TCP/IP is available
>-- connect to a remote server using a network command, such as getNetText
>and checking the status of the connection with getStreamStatus.  I
>recommend using an IP address and not a host name to do your test as the
>computer's DNS access may fail independently of access to the internet.

Thanks for this list of steps, Terry.

in order to circumvent problems with caching when doing that test with getnettext it 
is an option to add a prameter to the url like 

anUrl = ""
netID = getNetText( anURl &  "?dummy=" & the milliseconds)

This would force the browser to really reload the url on each attempt.

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