how big can strings be and how long may be the parameter of a DO?
DO strings 32k_limit

  DO and string length
At 15:52 16.10.98 -0700, jd wrote:

>I think the quesion is "how big can strings be"...?
>If so, then fields, richText, scripts, "value" have 32K limits. ("do" has a
>255-char limit, if memory serves.)

This remark worried me since sometimes I use DO with rather long arguments and 
without checking/testing for any maximum length. Apparently there is nothing 
to worry about. The 255 char limit seems to be limited to the MessWin while in 
a handler DO doesn't have that limit. At least I experienced no problem 
(dfw 6.02,Nt4Sp3,runmode="Author") with a parameter of 192.019 chars length. 

Below is my test, the simple time check reveals that the slowness of the DO 
statement is neglectable compared to the slowness of string concatenation.

on machDo times
  -- this handler test the limits of DO
  if voidP(times) then set times = 12001
  set cmd = "global x" & RETURN 
  set cmd = cmd & "set x = " & Quote 
  set t1= the ticks
  set counter = 1  
  repeat while counter < times
    set cmd = cmd & "0123456789abcdef"
    set counter = counter + 1
  end repeat
  set t2=the ticks
  put t2 - t1
  set cmd = cmd &  Quote  
  set cmd.Anz = the number of chars of cmd
  do cmd
  set t3=the ticks
  put t3 - t2
  global x
  set = the number of chars of x  

  -- this output was to test if any chars would be cut at the end
  -- there are 19 chars in the do-able string which are not 'pure' data
  put -,,

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