how to compare strings case sensitive
strings case_sensitive

At 08:33 29.03.99 -0600, Don wrote:
>Help. I've got two text fields where the user has to enter their name and
>password. Both of these fields need to check for lower case text. I've
>found references to case sensitive text but nothing's worked yet.
>Assistance would be greatly appreciated.

While in general directors string handling is not case sensitive, there are exceptions 
One exception: strings as items in a list. 


on checkTextCaseSensitive dTxt
  set LcheckAgainst = ["myname","yourname","hername"]
  return getpos(LCheckAgainst,dTxt)

-- Welcome to Director --

put checkTextCaseSensitive ("myname")
-- 1

put checkTextCaseSensitive ("myName")
-- 0

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